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Client's Are Saying...

therapeutic calming sensory strategy bubbles with nature background

"Kali at Empowering Play is magical. We were looking for OT support for our son to help with his handwriting. Kali conducted a thorough evaluation and identified key habits and practices that were holding him back. She worked with him weekly in fun and engaging ways. Our son looked forward to their weekly time together; it never felt like therapy. She worked with our son for three months. The results were incredible. She was always on time for appointments, provided activities that we could do in between sessions, and was in communication about his progress."

- Arielle K.

"I liked to play games and liked the exercises. My favorite 3 are: ballon tennis, scooter board, and ball of doom."

- Z.K., 7 years old

"Kali was such a Godsend to our family. She worked with our kiddo and family so well. We saw progress each week and it brought us great relief. I recommend Kali all the time! Even months after we finished our work with Kali - we continue to see the benefits in our kiddo and family. Ten stars!"

- Catia H.

"I like Kali because she is kind, caring, and sweet. And literally says sweet so much. 😆 I like the crafts that she brings. You'd love her. 💜"

- A.H. , 9 years old

"Kali has worked with my daughter over the past 3.5 years and is among my most trusted resources. Kali's level of knowledge, compassion and patience coupled with her unique, fun spunk make her unmatched. My daughter is adopted and had a history of foster care. She experiences sensory processing challenges, which often manifest as behavioral challenges. When my daughter spends time with Kali, these challenges are greatly reduced. Her fun spirit helps distract, and she brings with her an invisible chest of tools from which she is able to draw varied activities and resources adapted to each child and to each moment. These tools are ones which I have since adapted into our everyday life in order to help meet my child's needs and enable her to be more successful in her day-to-day discovery and experience. Last year, Kali gave my daughter a deck of cards - which she calls "missions" - which my daughter uses to help meet her sensory needs. She might, for example, pull a card from the deck that instructs her to wiggle across the floor like a worm, helping her to activate parts of her body that need pressure while also playing, having fun and laughing. For our family, Kali has proven to be our most vital resource and we are indebted to her."

- Shannon M.

"She always knows the right things to say and do. She’s an amazing teacher because she does it fun. She gives me missions and she’s the best. Not a pest, but the best. When Kali gives me missions, it makes me feel happy because I feel much better and I don’t make poor choices. She has an amazing voice.”

- J.M., 6 years old

"Our 10 year old son has FASD, ADHD, sensory difficulties, and defiant behavior in addition to other challenges.  Kali worked with him over the course of several months in both therapy and respite format.  She made an immediate connection with him, she took the time to talk to us about his needs, his struggles and what we hoped to work on and accomplish out of his sessions with her.  She set goals, she was patient, and she was incredibly supportive of both child and parent.  Whether it was a therapy session or respite time, she approached her time with him with professionalism, respect, enthusiasm, and always in a caring and fun yet firm manner.  Her ability to change the course of the session if our son was having a difficult day was approached as if that were the plan all along.  We saw a noticeable difference in our son’s overall behavior, his body awareness, his ability to self regulate and an increase of confidence in himself. We would have her work with our son anytime she returned to our area."

- Lori M.

"[You're] the best OT person. [You're] enthusiastic and nice. I love you!"

- J.M. , 10 years old

"At The New School we work hard to meet the needs of each and every child, some with significant challenges. In May of 2022 we had the good fortune of being introduced to Kali Campbell by a parent of one of our students. Kali was subsequently hired to provide support in the home by the parents of a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Later Kali came to support this child in our school setting. Kali's professionalism, empathy and skills working with challenging behaviors was immediately evident. She helped address his disruptive behaviors by providing multiple sensory breaks, addressing his social emotional skills by helping him interact appropriately with other children, and noticing and addressing his weak fine motor skills. Kali is a team player able to work effortlessly with our staff, sharing her insightful observations and asking great questions. She has excellent communication skills, which enabled our staff to all work together to meet this child's needs. It was a sad day when she moved away but what a difference she made to the life of one child and to our school."

- Miranda H., Teacher at The New School

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